Lose Fat, Engage Muscle

Body Recomposition After Age 40

Mindful Movement

A health coach mentors and guides their clients towards their fitness goals using a series of strategies including:

  • Teaching movement techniques to prevent injury
  • Developing personalized programming to keep fitness fun and engaging
  • Motivating and encouraging clients to achieve their goals
  • Tracking progress
  • Providing accountability to keep clients focused on the long game

At Michael Baker Wellness, we view physical activity as an absolute necessity. Any way you choose to move your body is physical activity, and it’s essential to listen to what your body needs and choose movement that feels authentic, joyful, and supportive for you. It’s also important to know that putting your body in motion is a powerful act that benefits more than your muscles. Movement gets energy flowing, reduces stress, boosts mood, and can even sharpen your ability to focus.

Prioritizing physical activity is an act of self-love and self-care. By carving out time to move your body, you’re giving yourself the gift of energy, focus, and strength. Physical activity is bio-individual. You can create more space for movement in a way that feels natural, authentic, and enjoyable and adds to your overall quality of life. Your approach can be whatever works for you and will change and evolve over time.


2016: Just lost a bunch of weight. Bloated, muscles not engaged, visceral fat. 37" waist. 41 years old, 5' 7" @ 185lbs


2022: Light, comfortable, no bloat. 32" waist. 47 years old, 5' 7" @ 168lbs

My Process:

  1. 1.
    Discovery - With total honesty, assess your habits, lifestyle, caloric intake & objectives.
  2. 2.
    Clean House - Begin to replace all conventional food with real whole food.
  3. 3.
    Action - You put small actionable steps into place. Nothing drastic, nothing overwhelming.
  4. 4.
    Movement - Learn how to incorporate natural movement into daily life.
  5. 5.
    Integrate - Seamlessly add powerful new habits while removing old ones.
  6. 6.

Coaching for body transformation

If you've been on a health kick and weight loss journey, there's a good chance you've hit a wall.  I'm here to get you past that point. Despite doing everything "right," your body isn't responding as expected. The routines that worked in your 20s or 30s don't cut it anymore, and you want to look and feel your best. Strong and light.

What to eat, when to eat, what to avoid. Should I eat this? Will it make me fat? Will it help me build muscle? How much protein do I need? Should I include carbs? Keto, low-fat, Mediterranean, vegan, carnivore, fasting, time-restricted... it's endless.

Working out brings about similar concerns. Heavy weights or light weights? What cardio is best? How often should I exercise? It's enough to drive you mad.

The fact is, by the time you hit 40, most people have developed habits that lead to ongoing weight gain and muscle loss. It's always easier to choose comfort over the necessary work.

And here's the thing: I want you to be learn enough from my coaching to achieve an effortless relationship with food & exercise anywhere you go, for the rest of your life. This is real education with sound, sustainable action and accountability. You learn, you lose fat, you gain strength, you live well!

But you need to be willing to hear the truth and put in the work! In other words you must be ready.

Are you ready? Let's talk!


Exercise alone will never work for weight loss until your diet is under full control

The amount of calories "burned" running 7 miles for an hour straight is about 1000 calories. 6 Sam Adams Summer Ales are about 1000 calories. It's impossible to sustain beating your body up physically, especially after 40, to offset overeating (and drinking) the wrong foods at the wrong times. I will say it again, you will never lose weight and keep it off until you learn about and control food, no matter how hard you exercise.
1000 calories burned. 60 minutes road running.
1000 empty calories of bloat

Lose the Fat, Keep the Muscle.

I didn't set out to become a Before and After photo: I set out to reverse my "dad bod".

Steady weight gain, tight shirts, abdominal & visceral fat, full body bloat and inflammation, unmanageable energy levels, alcohol fueled binges. Sound familiar?

My personal transformation took about six years.

"Little by little, a little becomes a lot"

Years later, I continue to get a little leaner, month after month, without even thinking about it.

The protocol I used on myself to bring me back from  chronic inflammation, bloat, being heavy, uncomfortable and which afforded me this sustainable weight loss, is exactly what I will navigate you through. It works. It creates the foundation for the healthy relationship with food & movement that I'm always going on and on about.

What you can't see in my "After" pictures is just how liberated I feel. Liberated from being uncomfortable, bulky and cumbersome. Having no issues, ever, about how much and what to eat. No issues with sustainable natural movement and exercise.

Now I am comfortable with my shirt on or off. In a suit with a jacket or a bathing suit.  The heaviness and burden left me.

So if posting unflattering Before and After photos helps you make the decision, it's worth it. I know I can help you - whether you have 100lbs to lose or want to reshape your body.

Needed a kick start back to life and got that from Michael. He’s knowledgeable, adapts to your preferences and optimized. Highly recommended. 10/10
David Salinas
David Salinas
Working with Mike has been a game-changer. From day one, it was clear that I had stumbled upon a gem in the world of personal training. First and foremost, Mike has a remarkable setup at his home for one-on-one training. It's the perfect blend of a comfortable, private space and a fully-equipped gym, creating an ideal environment for focused workouts. The moment I stepped in, I felt at ease and motivated to push my limits. What sets Mike apart is his ability to craft tailored, bespoke workout plans that are thoughtful and effective. Regardless of whether you're a beginner taking your first steps in the world of weightlifting or someone who's been exercising for years, he has a knack for designing programs that cater to your unique needs and goals. Every session is a personalized journey towards achieving your fitness goals. It's clear that Mike has a deep understanding of physiology and exercise science, and he uses that knowledge to optimize each session. But it's not just about the workouts. Mike is an exceptional motivator and mentor. His passion for fitness is contagious - he listens intently, offers guidance with patience, and ensures that you not only perform exercises correctly but also understand the 'why' behind them. Thanks to Mike, I've not only regained my passion for lifting weights, but I also have achieved outstanding results in a very short amount of time. I feel stronger, more explosive, and even faster, all thanks to his expertise and support. If you're searching for a personal trainer who can provide a top-notch training experience in a welcoming and tailored setting, look no further than Mike. Working with him has been a fantastic experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone on their fitness journey.
Steve Magi
Steve Magi
I started with MB Wellness in early March 2023. The passion Michael brings to every session is second to none, whether it is a cardio day, stretch/yoga day, or strength day he is always encouraging me and talking through some "roadblocks" I may have had the previous week. If you are a 40+ male and looking to get back in shape in a private one-one setting, Michael is your man. He will guide you physically and mentally getting you to your goals and beyond.
Chad Bedell
Chad Bedell
Mike has been amazing to work with. Someone to give advice and keep me accountable without ever talking down to me or making me feel bad about my choices or decisions. He has helped me with Diet and Exercise, understands my goals and my situation, helps me through at my pace. He is invested in me doing better. Give him a shot.
Terrance Arroyo
Terrance Arroyo
Shout out to Michael J Baker! Listen, even Certified Personal Trainers can use some good advice, motivation and need a sounding board to reach their goals. He’s a stand up guy who is knowledgeable, a family man and just a great mentor for anyone trying to love their best life! Thanks Mike! You’re the best!
Elevate Personal Training & Wellness
Elevate Personal Training & Wellness
I have known Michael for over 30 years. I was so happy when I seen that he was doing this Health And Wellness program because he is in very good shape and he is very smart and knowledgeable about what he’s telling people to do to lose weight and eat healthy after just one month of working with Michael at 215 pounds. I have already lost 5 pounds and I am very motivated to reach my goal which is 185 just talking to him about what I was eating and doing wrong what’s so helpful for me whether was in person or over the phone he gives you plenty of information and details to work with while visiting his home. His family and him were very welcoming and warm to me as always I couldn’t of asked for a better person to help me with my journey , and anybody that needs help with their health and wellness. I would highly recommend Michael to be somebody to work with.
John Keklik
John Keklik
I'm a hands-on strength trainer and 25 year work from home digital professional in Orange, CT and I live the lifestyle I talk about.
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified Health Coach.
25 Year WFH Professional
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Featured image for “Healthy Digital Shopping – Instacart, Prime, DTC Training – Never Run Out!”
Featured image for “Easy High Protein Clean, Lean 40+ Grams Per Meal Ideas”
Featured image for “Healthy Digital Shopping – Instacart, Prime, DTC Training – Never Run Out!”